MyPub Lab now offers on-site live workshops where you can get the one on one help you need. Our team of marketing and publishing experts offers small class sizes to dedicate more time to what you need – personalized solutions! Check out our workshop and seminar schedule below for one in your area.

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What We Offer

We’re constantly adding new content, both downloads and video, to help you reach your publishing goals.

We’ve designed a comprehensive set of tutorials and worksheets that you can use over and over again delivered in small “bytes” to easily understand.  Plus you’ll always find fresh valuable content here uploaded weekly!

Building your brand requires using consistently recognizable images, tag lines, and media. These tutorials will help you define your strategy and reach your readers.

Cover Design

Stand out with a custom covers that draw readers. From simple to complex we’ve got you ‘covered’.

Social Media

Building your brand requires using social media, period. These tutorials will help you define your strategy and reach your readers.


One of the most important and overlooked elements in publishing is formatting.  Find out why and how you can use it to stand out.


Understanding the process is half the battle! When publishing a book “The End” is just the beginning.


Learn the techniques that get results.  Create your own marketing outline and find solutions to execute it based on your strengths and skill level.


A crash course for authors and publishers on how to choose the right printing and distribution options to accomplish your goals.

What People Are Saying

I didn’t know the first thing about publishing or self-publishing until my introduction to My PUB LAB, and Jenn Smith it’s CEO. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge, direction, and guidance on my self-publishing journey!”

John Farrell, Designer & Illustrator

For months I fought with getting my dialogue to stay put in my story and never knew why the gremlins kept changing it every time I went back to edit. Frustrating Google searches just lead down a rabbit hole of wasted time. But these little gems kept me on track and I really learned something!

Sandy Shelton, Author and Entreprenuer

Their creativity and expert knowledge, in editing and publishing has not only brought new life to my book, but it has taken it to an entirely new level, when it comes to quality! I am FOREVER grateful! I have a book and a product that I can be proud of.

Vadis Primus Parson, Author